psychology: The Secrets Of Male Depression

Depression is a quit common mental condition in modern society. It has a profound impact on the sufferer's life as well as the life of the family.
Depression manifests in some rather disturbing symptoms and signs that impairs almost every aspect of life.
Women are twice as affected with depression than men.
Statistics reveal that there are over 6 millions male depression sufferers in the United States of America and over 12 million women diagnosed with depression.
Are men more resistant to depression due to some kind of a mysterious nature law?
Statistics also show that male suicide rate due to depression is 4 times higher than in women. And why is that? Is there a difference in symptoms between men and women? Are male depression symptoms more extreme to the point that they are unbearable?

Here is another statistic that can help us figure it all out: Up to 90% of depression sufferers that seek professional mental help (depression medications or psychotherapy) sense a relive in their symptoms just a few weeks of treatment.
Depression medication and psychotherapy are now proven ways to help relief symptoms of depression and that is why it is important to seek help.

Studies reveled that While women tend to seek help for depression men have a problem even admitting having it. Never mind seeking help. Depression needs treatment and while they refuse to acknowledge the fact that they suffer from depression and refuse treatment, their symptoms get more and more severe and harder to treat. That explains why are suicide rates among male depression sufferers are higher than women's' suicide rate.

While a depressed person shows symptoms such as sadness, social isolation and withdrawal, feelings of worthlessness and low self-esteem, lose of appetite, troubles in thinking and concentrating, the male depression patient will show a different set of symptoms. Male depression symptoms are usually behavioral. We can expect angry and aggressive behavior, irritation and agitation; he might even show violent or abusive behavior towards the people around him.
When a common depression symptom is lack of energy, a male depression patient will work excessively and for long hours.
The last think that comes to your mind when you meet such a "workaholic" is male depression and that is why Those male depression symptoms are very commonly being confused for a normal, healthy man’s behavior and there for not treated in time.

Another factor that contributes to these difficulties in male depression diagnosis is use of drugs and alcohol. Some of the patients turn to drugs and alcohol to get some relief and mask the fact that they suffer from a depression disorder.

First step towards treating male depression is admitting having it and seeking help.
Depression is now treatable and in fact patients can have a relief in their symptoms after a short period of time.
The owner of this article is Shoran Kaplan who is also the owner of What Is Depression?Web site where you can find more valuable information about male depression symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

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