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What type of personality type is needed to become a Neuro- clinical psycologist? This is a question sent to me by one of my subscribers. I appreciate the interest shown by the person in understanding the personality type of neuro-clinical psychologist before deciding whether the profession is the right one her. Before we understand 'What type of personality type is needed to become a Neuro- clinical psycologist', we need to know the  type of work clinical psychologists do.Clinical Psychology is a branch of medicine which investigates the depths and complexities of the mind. This analysis is done for two purposes. One is a general purpose where the clinical psychologist studies the workings of the mind and its influence on the body to develop a better understanding of how the human system works. The second purpose is to help people in therapy and improve their condition through mind-body healing principlesPsychologists study the mind. The intricate workings of the mind and an in depth study of cognition, behavior, and affect forms the main study of the psychologists. The specialties of this profession range from psychotherapists to clinicalpsychologists. Psychotherapists offer mental health services to clients. Clinical psychologists perform laboratory research and constantly strive to understand the workings of the mind. The subfileds of psychology include evolutionary psychology, mathematical psychology, abnormal psychology, social psychology, cognitive psychology, transpersonal psychology and neuro psychology. What do ClinicalPsychologists do? Clinical psychologists constitute the largest specialty under psychology. The clinicalpsychologists are concerned with the assessment of mental health, diagnosis of mental disorders. The clinical psychologists also help in prevention as well as treatment of mental disorders. Some clinicalpsychologists specialize in treating severe psychological disorders. Severe disorders may range from schizophrenia to depression. Some clinical psychologists help people deal with personal issues which may be related to divorce or separation from loved one due to death or some other reason. How do 

ClinicalPsychologists Work? Clinical psychologists make their clients express themselves and provide an opportunity for them to talk about things that are clouding their mind in doubt or worry. Whatever is confusing or worrying is shared with the clinical psychologist and he intervenes with the appropriate responses and promotes different ways of  interpreting whatever is happening in one's life. The client helped to understand the problem in all its complexity, and the analysis opens up a multi-view point rather than a one-track feeling leading to depression. What Personality Types are Best Suited to Become a Neuro Clinical Psyhcologist? 

If you want to become a neuro-clinical psychologist you should have the following characteristics: 1. A good, patient listener: You should be able to listen to your clients with an open mind, without any value judgement. You need a lot of patience waiting for the client to come out with the real crux of the matter. Rushing the clients and trying to get the main issue too soon will not be  successful as the client may completely shut up. 2. A passion for the workings of the mind: You need a passion to understand how the mind works and how it  affects people's lives. This passion for research into the activities of the mind should be strong enough to withstand the frustrations of the profession. 3. A strong will power and an independent thinking:Most often you need to go along with the clients, empathize with them in order to get them to open up their deepest corners to you. But this should not cloud your thought and you should not get  carried away by the clients ideas. You need to have a strong will power and balance of mind to be able to think independently after completely agreeing with the clients way of 

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