psychology: Coping with Disappointment? Congratulate Yourself - 10 Ways to Put a Positive Spin on It

Putting a positive spin on coping with disappointment is easy when you use a few simple tricks.

Here are 10 easy-to-use techniques to keep in mind when dealing with disappointment:


Yes, that's right, congratulate yourself for having enough hope in the first place to have gotten disappointed. Many times people don't risk being hopeful because of the fear of disappointment. So, if you're experiencing disappointment, that can only mean that you had enough courage to be hopeful. Congratulations!


Next, ask yourself, "What life lesson have I learned from this particular experience?" This has an interesting effect on your perception and immediately sets your mind in a positive frame to look for answers (instead of sulking in disappointment.) This also allows you to take a proactive approach when life is "pushing you around." You can either let life push, or step aside and allow life to "fall on its face" because you know you've grown on an emotional level from coping with disappointment in this manner.


Stay within your own power by letting go of things outside of your control and by taking action on the things within your sphere of influence. Many times, we experience disappointment because we are looking to others for results. Ask yourself, "How can I make my desire happen?" Or, "Is this something that I really don't have control over and I'd be better off letting go of others' results?" By breaking the pattern of disappointment and asking questions, you are tapping into a unique power within your brain. In fact, positive psychology studies show that when our brains are kept positive, they are physically more capable of finding answers. Staying within your power and asking questions keeps your brain positive and active.


Dwelling on disappointments mentally and physically trains your brain to attract more disappointment vibrations. When coping with disappointment, it's significant to note that your thoughts multiple. So, if you are fixated on a disappointment, instead of harnessing the positive power of your brain to find answers, you're actually "sentencing" your brain to being imprisoned thinking about disappointment. Of greater significance is the fact that your brain is also putting out "addictive" chemicals that keep your body craving disappointment. Instead, notice when you're thinking about disappointment and interrupt this thought pattern by thinking of something else... Perhaps congratulating yourself!


When coping with disappointment, it is helpful to compare where the disappointment sits in the big "scheme of things." Is it a significant setback or just a "blip" in the overall big picture of life. Successful people know how to keep perspective and they do this by keeping their long-range goals in mind and chipping away until they attain results. Using this technique in your everyday life works wonders. In this regard, it is very helpful to have a personal development plan for reference and for staying focused on your "overall" goals and desires.