psychology: Definitions and Nature of the Work of Psychologists

Psychology is an interesting branch of science, which probes deep into the complexities of human behavior. In today's world of work pressures and tensions, the demand for psychologists is steadily on the rise. From schools and colleges to corporate organizations and sports, physiologists are in huge demand to work as counselors and to offer guidance and even career choices.
Psychologists also work with seriously ill and surgical patients to cope with their illness or injury Psychology is a vast field with various specialization areas. For instance developmental psychologists deal with the changes that happen in one's life whereas in experimental psychology, psychologistsstudy about learning and motivation, Of all the specialization groups, clinicalpsychologists, form the largest group as they deal with people with emotional problems.Job Description and CareerThe work of psychologists typically involves teaching, counseling or social service in schools, government agencies, and private industry. To study the human behavior, they conduct various tests and surveys to record case histories and help to set the behavior problems like anxiety and low confidence level among people.
They are in great demand as people find it difficult to cope with the tensions and expectations in personal and professional life Clinical psychologists enable mentally unstable people to work out their problems with ease and to get back to the normal stream of life activities.
Most educational institutions like schools and colleges use the services of psychologists to create a perfect atmosphere conducive for learning for all types of students. By using specific tests psychologists spot gifted and below average students apart from emotionally disturbed students with behavioral problems. Major industries and factories also seek the services of thepsychologists to enable the workers of their work pressure better and to make them mentally sound and focused.
Qualifications Required For a PsychologistThe applicants should have a bachelor's degree in psychology or related fields and those who aspire to become school psychologists should specialize in that branch, which require three years of graduate study and a one-year internship.
Only certified and licensed psychologists can start private practices. The American Board of Professional Psychology is the governing body that issues specialty certification in areas such as clinical, counseling, school, and